What should I do about my boyfriend and best friend?

I started dating this guy about a week ago. We were good friends before he asked me out. I said yes even though I have no (romantic) feelings for him. When he kisses me I feel nothing.

I’ve already met his family but have no intention of introducing him to mine; I'd rather keep it a secret. Only a few people know were together, I’d like to keep it that way. When I was with my friends I waited until it was only the two of us before we kissed. I’m not embarrassed of him; I just don’t want people to know.

I like him, I do. Just not the same way he likes me and not as much as he likes me.

When I told my best friend we were dating, her response was "wtf why did you say yes?". We haven’t talked or texted each other since. I think she was mad but I don't know what to say to her. She’s my best friend, were practically sisters. My other friend said that she may be jealous. I don't know. Could she be? I don't think she ever had a crush on him though.

Should I stay with him and see if my feelings change? Like I said it’s only been about a week. And what do I do about my best friend? I don’t want to lose her to something like this.

I guess all I’m looking for is advice and your opinion. Thanks.


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  • How long have you known him? If its been awhile you would have already developed feelings for him. Change in relationship status isn't going to change your feelings. It's not fair to continue the relationship knowing full well that you aren't into him like he is into you. How would he feel if he knew this was the case? How would you feel if a guy you really liked did that to you? Why are you dating him? I say end it now before he gets more attached to you. Your girlfriend is ticked because she likes him, is jealous, or because she cares about his well being and thinks its sh*tty what you are doing to him. I don't think you have ill intentions but your choices here could be very destructive. Be careful with other peoples hearts. Good luck.

  • why do you keep on keeping this relatinship going if there is not an actual reason for dating him?, because your not attracted to him, and you don't intend on letting everyone knowing, instead you prefer to keeping it a secret, to me it isn't an actual relationship, because it takes 2 people to make a couple, and I bet he feels more for you than you do for him, so it isn't a reliable relationship.I think your best friend is having a hard time understanding wy you would be with a guyt hat you don't have any interest in, I don't know if she likes him, but she could just be joking around and trying to let you know why you would accept to be in that relashionship. About the feelings, I don't think that they will change because, it is all about the first feelign because naturally you should be attracted to him in some way, and from that base, it keeps growing and growing into something more.i also think you should talk things out with your best friend.

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