Did he care?

I've known him for about three years now & we've constantly flirted. We've hooked up more than once, and even when we just hang out he does things like kiss my neck, forehead, ect. he's known as a player dude, and we had once kissed while he was going out with a girl. I would decide to ignore him because he seemed like an ass, but no matter what we'd always end up talking again (whether I made that move or him). more recently I decided I was done with his games for good, so I told him I hated him and that he needs to stop talking to me. but he kept trying to talk to me, like really desperately. and when he asked what was wrong I asked if he even cared. he said he did, then he paused and quietly said he cares about a lot of girls. so I kept giving him the cold shoulder, and he finally got the picture. Then he got mad at me and starting talking about me to our friends like I wasn't even there! I realllllly like him, & he's not in my life anymore. & he said he liked me too, he had asked me to be his gf. but he also talked about how he wanted to have sex with me alot. guys, when you do that is it just for physical reasons, ordo you really give a fcuk? I'm stuckkk.


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  • Oh boy, we got a big mess here don't we? Probably going to get thumbs down here, but as always I mantain to my ways and I am nothing but honest.

    Kissing while he has a boyfriend is a bit wrong on both people's part, as long as the one that is the cheater knows they have a girlfriend. It shows disrepect to the girl who is his current girlfriend, and doesn't reflect a lot for you as an individual. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it if you were going out with a guy you really liked, and he decided to kiss another girl.

    So, he cheated, you say he seemed like an ass, which he obviously had to do something to invoke that thought, he's known as a player, and talked to you about wanting to have sex with you a lot, and you reallllllly like him? I'm not trying to be mean, but this really befuddles me. Why would you like a guy like that? There are so many better ones out there. Oh, and lets not forget the only thing once that you mentioned that showed any sort of kindness, he ruined by saying he cared about a lot of girls, like you were not unique or different in anyway. You really want a guy that percieves you like this?

    Lastly but not least, don't group guys altogether like we all talk about wanting to have sex about a girl, especially to the girl's face none the less. I have more respect than that for a stranger I never met, nevermind someone I say I care about and I have kissed before. And I could care less about the sex, I just want a nice a relationship. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • if he's a player its just for physical reasons


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