Need to find a way to fix this semi-complicated prob with GF

ok so my girlfriend and I go to different high schools and have the same pool of friends. Every weekend someone makes plans and she wants to go but I just say I don't wanna go because I just want to be alone with her for once because we have only done that twice, every other time its only for 40 minutes after our friends have had to leave and go home or just me and her along with 6+ friends. She takes me saying no as an anti-social thing and when I try to explain to her that we rarely are ever alone she says she feels that as if she should feel the same way. How can I fix this without coming out and saying "You see them every day, not me. You can take a weekend away from them and just be with me for a change" cause that could possibly end the relationship . Also, she's afraid that if we do spend time alone and deny their invites to hangout on the weekend we will be that couple that never hangs out with anyone else but each other


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  • If you can't talk openly with each other, then I really don't know how long your relationship will last :/

    but basically it seems like you're going to need to bring it to her attention that she sees these people all the time and the only time you're able to see her is on the weekends. Also, if you guys have a night alone once every other week or something, that is only 1/4 nights (Friday and Saturday) and it's perfectly reasonable.

    just talk to her about it


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