She wants to hang out, then stops texting me?

I got a phone number from a girl, but we haven't met in person yet. I started texting her and she said she really wanted to hang out and would like to do it soon. I texted her a few days later but she gives really short answers, but once in a while has a little more to say. Then she would stop responding to my texts right in mid conversation. I waited a couple days to text her and she started texting back decent length answers. Then they gradually got shorter and shorter and then she stopped texting in mid conversation again. I think it just might be the way she is (texting) but I am asking open ended questions and trying to be flirty and all that. Also I don't text every single day. What is going on?

On the day she said she really wanted to hang, we had a really good and long convo and talked about what we would do if we hung out


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  • It sounds like she is unsure of what she really wants to do, if she wants to meet you or if she doesn't and since you met over the internet it is very hard to put someones trust into someone on it as there are a lot of weirdos. I think for now you should only treat it as a friendly hang out, no strings just make it casual, don't make her feel pressured in any way because as a girl I despise it when as soon as I start talking to a guy and I know he's expecting something so very soon, it's a lot to take in when we just met a new guy and she doesn't even know you properly yet, you just both met so I would say put your brakes on and then don't be so flirty and don't ask her so many open minded questions (and what do you mean by open minded questions?). Just be a little more reserved for a while and not just a few weeks to a month, give her more time than this and just keep it no pressure, no expectations until you both know what you really want and how you actually feel (if it's friendly or if it's actual attraction). See when you first meet someone it's easy to get caught in the many expectations that you have of them but probably a lot of those are not actually who she is, so try and get to know her first but keep it low key for a while, don't get yourself hurt by expecting too much too soon.

    • well I am trying to get to know her, but its hard when she doesn't say anything when we're texting. She was the one who said she really wanted to hang initially. I'm just confused as to why she stops texting all the sudden and uses 2-4 word answers all the time

    • Hmm... maybe she isn't as interested as you think then I mean why would she give you 2 - 4 word answers if she really did want to?.

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  • how long has this been going on? I suggest hanging out sometime this week(end).

    • just a few days. she always has to work though so would calling her up be a good idea?

    • Yes, texting gets boring fast.