To all those who've had any luck with Plenty of Fish?

I've been on Plenty of Fish for quite some time. I tried online dating once a couple years ago but then I stopped after a bad experience. Now I'm trying it again. It seems like I'm not having much luck, maybe because I'm not trying hard enough. My profile is worded out pretty well. I suppose I could try to take better pictures of me. But I have a few questions to those who've had success and why you were successful in actually setting up a date? (because I can't even seem to make it that far).

What did you say in your first message and how was it worded?

Did you point out certain highlights from the other person's profile to include in your message?

What sort of user descriptions in the profile are likely to chase people away? What draws them in.

etc. etc.


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  • Well, yes & no. I had been on POF for a year & got lots of interest, and several dates. I even had a serious relationship. I find that most of those people just email back & forth and never want to meet you, or they just want to meet you for sex.

    For you profile, keep it simple, don't put too much in it. Just a few things you like to do, most people say what kind of music they like, if that's important to you, throw it in. I would say what you are looking for, long term, just looking, life long companion, whatever. Then talk about a first date or meeting, what you would do. That's nice.

    If you message someone, say things like, what you liked about her profile, what attracted you to them at first. If they had a nice smile or eyes, tell them that. And mention something(s) that they said in their profile that you liked. Then tell them that you hope to hear from them soon. Only talk back and forth a few times then ask her out for drinks or coffee. Or bump it up to calling her at home. Just don't let it go on more than a few times or they will lose interest in you.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


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  • I've used POF. I was fairly successful on it until I eventually decided that online dating isn't for me. Anyways I'll answer your questions...

    In my first messages to guys, I always pointed out exactly what on their page made me want to message them. I always got TOO many messages from guys who only said "hey what's up" or something similar. That's not a very catching opening line if you know what I mean. :/ I always said something like "Oh you're into Legend of Zelda! What's your favorite game?" or "So you like acting silly in public too huh?" Just something to get the conversation going and see how much you have in common.

  • I created an amazing profile is what I did. I messaged guys, but it was the ones who messaged me who I ended up meeting. a week and a half after joining, I had a boyfriend :D

    • What was so amazing about your profile?

    • It was funny and witty and it drew attention to what makes me unique and to my sense of adventure.

  • POF sucks. OkCupid is so much better

    • Better results there I take it?

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  • Seems like BS just like OKcupid if you ask me.

  • In the area I'm at now only one or 2 dates that went nowhere. Once I expanded the range and got better results, but couldn't travel that far all the time just for a date. The thing with dating sites is that they're full of girls just seeking attention and nothing else. These will waste most of your time. Also, pay no attention to what people say. Women are as shallow as anyone and they'll judge your looks if you present nothing else. So either be better looking or more interesting.

    • Have you run into girls who only post pictures up to see how much attention they can get from guys who try and message them and aren't actually interested in dating?

    • Of course. I mention that they will waste most of your time on there. The thing to look out for to reduce it are the profiles. If they're generic and say little to nothing, odds are they're just attention whoring. If they write a book of a profile, they're probably there for real.

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