Do you think it's wrong for guys to do this?

I have a few friends that are in new relationships (officially dating about 1-3 months) so after the first month where everything is all fun an new and lovey dovey the guy starts unloading pretty serious emotional issues he has such has when he gets upset he drinks till he passes out, being paranoid that she will cheat, telling the girl he doesn't think he is worth anything/ thinks he should be dead and in general giving the girl a lot to deal with. In my friends case she really cares for him a lot so emotionally it is really hard on her because she constantly worries about him and doesn't know what to do, I don't know how to help her either. Personally I think it is really unfair for him to tell her something like that they are young (she is 17 he is 18) dating is supposed to be a nice thing not make you cry yourself to sleep most nights! I think she should leave him but since she is so emotionally invested in him she can't. Any advice on what to do?


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  • I would say she doesn't need to be involved in a relationship with him, being a friend maybe. He clearly has such deep issues that need to be dealt with before he gets into a relationship with anyone.