Texting without being annoying?

So I have been texting this girl for the past 2 days. She started the conversations. When I text I often start texting first. So she told me how her boyfriend doesn't call her or text her anymore so I tried to answer her in long texts and ask questions so she knows I am listening and it's not just a stupid conversation. Now I want to start a conversation with her but I don't want to come off as annoying or weird. I am also worried about that I text too much.

Do girls like when a guy ask a lot of questions regarding them? I don't mean stupid random questions but topics that have been brought up in the conversation? I have been told I am a good listener and sometimes people tell me that they like the questions I ask because it means I was paying a attention and they matter.


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  • It's a difficult thing to do -- texting without annoying, I mean. And when you're greeted with silence you might wonder whether the person fell asleep, is just not interested in the topic, or os simply busy...

    You don't have to post long replies to her messages. Just enough so that she knows you're listening.

    • That is the tricky part. Sometimes I can't answer right away.

    • That's okay. If you missed a text, you just say "Hi. Sorry I'm getting back to you so late. Had some stuff to do for (work/school/home/etc.)" and start chatting her up again. I had to do that today with a guy who has a different sort of schedule than mine -- he's a night owl, I'm a morning lark. Anyhow, we manage just fine. I have to remember to curb longer texts, though, or he stops answering, possibly because he doesn't know what end of the text to comment on first. :-)

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  • If she's interested in you, then yes.. she'll love the fact that you iniciate conversation.. trust me I wish this was my case

  • Okay so I like this guy and I have been starting the conversations but today he texted me first. I think you should try starting a conversation and you should deffinetly ask questions


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