What should I be saying here?

So, another one of those this guy I like questions.. and its about texting aswell lol. how do I put it to a guy lightly, so he doesn't think I'm needy, that I don't think its very cool that he can't just to say hi to me if he likes me. he's pretty busy with school so I don't know if its because of that or what.. but it doesn't take long to send a two character text message..


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  • You want this guy to start texting you first more?

    I'm not sure there's a way to say this to him without sounding demanding, but what you can do is just not text him first, if you're the one that's always initiating contact. This way, if he truly cares, he'll notice and perhaps send a hello text.

    But really, people that are busy will make time for those they care about, it's as simple as that.

    • yea I agree.. I just don't know.

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  • If a guy is into you, there is no such thing as "busy"...he'll make time for you. You gotta keep the thought in your mind that you're the best thing that can ever happen to him. When a guy likes you he's going to text you randomly just to say hi, or to see what you're up to. When something is right, you're not going to have to take a second thought, or go crazy over him not texting you etc. Be strong, I'm sure you're a great girl. Move on and make him look/ know that he lost something good! :)

    • yeah your right.. I know I'm the best thing for him.. I'm sure he knows that too. he's either playing some dumbass game, or he actually does give a sh*t.. or he's actually really busy. he goes away for school during the week but when he's here.. its good. so I don't get it