Is it professional of a trainer to ask for his cient's number and text her?

My trainer put his number in my contacts and called his number from my phone. He said it's faster to contact each other, even though he it's easy access contacting him through office. Our texts weren't professional and had nothing to do with work or anything. We basically flirted, he even asked me out and complimented me, etc. Face to face, he'd flirt and we shared decent conversations, nothing about working out, he even said some pretty flirtatious things and well... you get the idea. Would he get fired if someone, like his boss, were to find out? If so, why did he do it?


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  • He did it because he could tell you liked him. Yes, he could get fired if the boss found out. Most gyms have a no-relationship policy with clients. That being said, many trainers break this rule. After all, he has close contact with your body, which you probably find comforting, plus if he's a trainer, he's likely to be in good shape. He did all of this knowing the risks because he likes you.

    I used to mange a gym and noticed that the personal trainers broke this rule all the time with girls they liked. As long as the girl didn't complain back, a lot of gyms just ignore this and let the two people do what they want. Last but not least, it is convenient to communicate about future workout sessions when you can reschedule at the last minute directly with your trainer. Hope this helps!

  • He feels like you and is ignoring the rules.


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