How can I bring it up or get to that point? Need a girl opinion.

Ok I don't want to limit on who I want to hear back from but I prefer someone in their 20's or older as I think teens will think differently.

So there is this girl I really like and I have hungout with her once, cooked her dinner for her and another couple, went to see her at work a few times just to talk, she clicks like on every comment I make on her fb wall, texts back fairly right away, ect (I could go into detail but won't have room. haha!).

But anyways I feel like it is unfair for myself and esp to her that I don't tell her how I feel. So ladies how would you like a guy to tell you this or when/where is it appropriate. I want to tell her face to face and it feels like the only way to do it is to go see her at work (she works in the mall) I want to hangout with her and tell her then but I am not sure when the next time will be.

Also I don't want to walk right in there and just say it right away, how can I bring it up or get to that point?

And also do you think it will be more meaningful if instead telling her that I like her but tell her that "I want to pursue her heart". Which I want to do.

Ok that's a lot I think I threw out, let me know what y'all think. Please respond as I feel like I need to let her know soon! :)


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    us girls hate guys who wait forever because we feel it's not right to drop our feelings to you incase you don't agree. Most of us girls wait for you guys to make the move, because we feel at the beginning ya'll have the control. WE WAIT FOR YOU TO ASK US OUT etc. BUt what you say to her shouldn't be planned out say it how it is, when the time is right! just don't wait tooo long!


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