How to get a "Yes" responds for a date ?

I got a question of asking a girl out for date by phone call situation, more importantly, the more specific question is: how to increase the chance by getting a "Yes" responds from a girl for a date !

I belive there are rules that I should follow : (correct me if I'm wrong)

1) Be confindent during the phone conversation with her.

2) Be relex and sounds smooth and normal as friend.

3) Try to raise up her desire to go out with me (the activity should be sounds like we can have so much fun together)

I got these rules by visting some of the dating advise from the internet, but, after all, I still got no ideas of how to present it well and fit to those criteria...

I got a situation that I tried to ask a girl out for dinner 2 weeks ago by text message, but she did not reply me after. until now we have no any contact, and I also did not sent her any message after. because I don't wanna show that I'm so serious about the date, I wanna act more causual ! I don't wanna knock her off by acting like I'm in hurry ! (actually iam)

I hope there is some expert who can teach me how, share me some exprience and advise that really work !

I just honestly want a girl to be my girl friend ! I will do anything to improve my self to have a chance! thank you!


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  • Great thoughts in the end. I wish you succeed.

    If I get your age right, than those advice on dating are usually aimed at teenagers and people in their twenties. Focus of what you expect of life changes with age. So perhaps you should take it into consideration.

    I am afraid that I don't know any fast way. I personally don't think that there is any, but I don't get into argument with this.

    I would suggest that you don't ask girls to date very fast. Try to find some activities when you meet people on regular basis. Be friends, hep them show interest. Girls notice how you treat other people too. So be good person towards all people. Create opportunities to meet people for yourself.

    What is most sexy is relaxed happy personality. One that would cheer you up, is it not? One that expect something of you even when she try to hide it feels bad somehow. So that doesn't work well.

    Best advice I seen, gave a girl here. Be a guy that you would date if you were a girl. Look in the mirror (and I mean it also as a metaphor, so you also look how you are inside) and ask your self if you would be that girl, if you wanted to spend time with yourself. That is pretty great "self test".

    Also girls in order to be interested need a deep connection. That feeling that this guy is easy to talk to and I feel good talking to him. It's like she knows him already. Very important. How to know if you have one with her? If you don't feel like that, she is probably not either. So ask only after you get that feeling. That is a good time. Other times will get you no with high probability. So learn to get to this state with a girl. Very important. You probably can find some advice videos on internet. Search for "deep connection". You should find something.

    I have nothing more on my mind right now. Hope it helped. If you think I can help you, ask me anything any time.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!

      I agree that "not too fast" so I'm decide to make some phone calls as friend without asking her out that soon and not until I got enough informations like what she likes to eat, what she likes to do, where she wanna go, which movie she likes., etc..

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  • date is not just a date in girls life.. so better remember when you propose for a date WITH a girl... PROPOSE HER FOR MARRAIGE... later let her feel...

    1. prove her that she is safe in your hands just as she is safe in her dads hand's..

    (just say her how you will be caring her and how she would be lucky to have you as her partner withoput any hesitation )

    2. make her feel that she is the only beautiful women in this world( though its not true :P just praise her with some song and praise her eyes.. specially eyes)

    3. make her feel that your relation with her is not like a passing cloud its like a mountain which always remains at the same place ever and ever...

  • At the risk of sounding offensive (and I really don't mean to be), what language are you dealing with this girl in?

    Because your English is a little odd. (I say this as a native speaker).

    You have no problem making yourself understood. But the words you use, and th eway you use them, definitely come across as odd.

    If the girl is a native speaker herself, this might be a factor. So can you answer that? What language are you dealing with, is it English, and is she a native English speaker?


    • yea, I'm sorry for the odd thing, iam not a native speaker, I'm from HK, English is not my first language, forgive me... we both native speaker (in cantonese) lol...

    • That's okay. If you're both speaking Cantonese, I imagine you'll be a lot less strange sounding. :)

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