I don't know what my problem is maybe ladies can help? I am having trouble meeting women I go out and dance with

girls get they numbers and then I can't get past that point! They either won't pick up or I call they don't call back! chk my pics am I ugly or horrible looking I'm a very sweet guy I'm just wondering if someone can shed some light so I can work on what ever is wrong! I never had this problem b4 as a teenager it just now in my 30's! thanks and no idiot answers please!


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  • if a girl gives you her number and you wait 3-4 days that is probably the issue. no one wants to wait nearly a week before they talk to a guy they gave their number to. they either forgot about u, or thought you were just running game to get sex. when a guy takes that long to call, it seems like he's a player who goes through different girls until he finally gets back to u

    • so its not my looks?

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    • But yeah me I still call, lol. I hate texting. It feels weird and makes me feel like I'm some immature high school kid. But that's just me.

    • @pr3ttybrown. I totally agree with u. One day before calling is an excuse but two days is no excuse.

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  • I used to give my number to random guys I met at a club earlier in my life. Why? To be nice.

    And when they texted or called, it was awkward because I really had no intention of seeing them again...

    Now I don't do that any more. If I don't like the guy when I meet him at a club, and he asks for my number, I won't give it to him. But If I like him, I'll give him the number and If he doesn't ask for it, I'll ask for his.

    but that's just me..

  • Maybe try to set up a date on the spot for next week instead of just saying you will call them. Sometimes woman get kind of busy, and if they are not really so interested, they will forget someone called them or forget to call back. Or maybe people are just more skeptical when they are over 30. I mean these women might have been burned a lot of time, you have to give them a really good reason why they should see you if they have just been clubbing with you. Maybe these people aren't even looking for a relationship.

  • You have a rather shifty look about you. I must admit

    • wow that kinda really effed up way to put that!

    • I don't see the point in p**** footing about, he's a grown man.

    • You're a grown man ;)

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  • How long do you leave between getting their number, and making that first phone call?

    • 3-4 days a week

    • You're waiting too long.

      Ask some of the girls here how long you should wait. Personally, I think exactly 3 days is good, but I'm of a different generation than most of younger users here.