Rebound relationship: A Good idea?

I recently split up with my man and have been on several dates and have spent time at weekends with a new guy. I like him a lot and would be nice to take things further but some of my friends are saying I only like him because he's nicer than my ex, which is not a good enough reason to get serious. Plus they say it's too early to jump into another relationship.

The new guy is really into me, very sweet and we're very compatible in certain ways (wink wink). But I just don't know what to do for the best :S

Any suggestions?


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  • You can still date the guy without getting too serious, can't you?

    Do whatever makes you feel good.


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  • Honestly just make it an FWB and do more than just flings, Rebounding someone is never good.


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  • Be careful here, take it very slow. I agree, he very well could be your rebound guy. If he is a nice man, you don't want to hurt him, and you don't want to get hurt again yourself.

    That said, you don't want to lose a wonderful man that could be your forever man. So, go slow with him. Be honest & tell him you want to go slow & not jump ahead of things. If he starts getting too serious to fast, slow it down & tell him you aren't ready for that, but you want to get there with him. If he cares about you, he'll wait.

    Make this your open & honest relationship & you'll know if it's for real.

    Good luck.