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I've been thinking about trying out some of the online dating sites, but I don't know what to put exactly that will make my profile unique.

Anyone have any advice on what would make a profile unique and stand out.

Just some general information about me. I'm below average male height, which is 5'9", and I'm average weight for my height. I'm far more on the brainy side than the athletic, and I definitely don't have six pack abs.


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  • Okay, so I know that you asked this question five days ago....but I've really got an answer that you're going to want to hear.

    1) The height thing is NO PROBLEM at all. My father is 5 foot 4. Believe me, there aren't a lot of girls out there who wouldn't go out with a guy just because he was 5 foot 9.

    2) Average weight is perfectly fine. There is nothing to worry about there.

    3) Brainy! Come on. That must mean that you're really smart and you have a lot of different talents, right? Are you amazing at anything that needs a lot of skill? Think about it. Once, I became really interested in this guy because he was amazing at computers. Being athletic is great, but if it's not your thing, then it just isn't. Don't fret about it.

    4) Sure, all girls would love a guy with six pack abs. The majority of us, don't get that though. It's like guys and blonde haired beauty queens. They don't always get that kind of girl. So, really not having a six pack isn't so bad. If you really want to get toned though, go for it. Lift weights or go to a fitness center.

    I hope this helped you. You seem like a really nice guy who is sort of lonely and wants a girl to notice you for who you are. Be honest (I know, isn't that what everyone says??). Be smart (girls are impressed by smart guys). Be nice (but not too nice). Believe that you have talents and that you are unique because if you do that, you'll seem really confident. And believe you me, confidence is a major turn on.

    • OK, I have to clear this up. I was stating the average height for males was 5 ft 9. I'm 5 ft 6. Actually I do work with computers, it's my major. Thanks for the advice.

    • Hey, that's okay too! You're taller than my dad. Plus, my boyfriend is 5'5. Most girls don't really care. Just as long as you have a stellar personality. Some girl will definitely see you for who you are and be lovestruck. Just you wait.

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  • The one thing to kept in mind one thing when writing online profiles. All you have to do is provide a trailer as to the type of person that you are so that the person that reads it, wants to know more. Thats all. You don't have to go on and write out your whole life story. I would say remember to keep it fun and entertaining. So some positive things about yourself, be a little bit different from the "I'm fun and I like to have fun" profiles

    Always remember to put a flattering picture up of yourself and remember not to say any negative things about what you are looking for or things about yourself that really arnt that favorable. Also make your profiles medium in length not so short that it looks like you spent 2 seconds writing it, but not too long either.

    Hope that helps and goodluck with it all

    Hot Alpha Female =)

  • I would put that under your general info.

    It's serious but seems almost like you are being sarcastic and have a sense of humor.

    If you don't lie about your self and keep a sense of humor you would def. attract women.


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  • Emphasize your positive qualities. The characteristics you listed about yourself here are negative--you're basically implying that you're short, unfit, and otherwise completely average.

    Girls don't care about the "average male height." You're only 1 inch shorter than the national average, and considering that the average female height is 5'4", your height shouldn't even be an issue.

    The one positive quality you mentioned (though you used a pejorative term to describe it) is your intelligence. Definitely mention that you're not average in that regard. You'll be sure to meet more people who respect intelligence, and who will listen to you with more open minds.

    Write about your interests and hobbies. What inspires passion in you? Enthusiasm and charisma are probably the two most attractive qualities that you can develop. Combined, they will form your personal "charm," which in turn will give you more self-confidence. Once you're "put-together," you'll be able to make the best first impression.

  • The best thing to do is not misrepresent yourself; be honest. I've used online dating alot, and you would be surprised how some girls lie about themselves. Both emotionally and physically. Some say they are 5+ years younger, then fess up on the date. Whats the point here? In all fairness, I guess some guys do the same thing. And the pics; keep them current. I've had some surprises there, too!

    Try to emphasize your strong points and try to make it interesting. And be patient. I went through about 6 women before I found a keeper. Good luck!

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