Since I'm incredibly socially shy, this seems extremely impossible for me. Confused and need a little advice, just to make sure my thoughts are correct?

I'm attracted to a guy in one of my classes, he talks a lot during class and seems to have a great personality. Although I've never actually talked to him, I seem to have built a little crush on him and would love a chance to have a good chat with him.

Since I'm incredibly socially shy, this seems extremely impossible for me to achieve. He seems to be pretty shy himself, or else I'd think he'd talk to me or at least try. We often catch eye contact, and I wish I could take a chance and smile towards him but I'm even too shy to do that. He talks a lot to another girl in our class, but I see it as she's just being a flirt. And you know those types of girls that flirt and flirt and flirt and make a typical girl like myself feel badly because I can't even take on a task like that. Well she'd be the girl that any guy wouldn't want to pursue a relationship w/, she'd be the one that he'd want to hit and split...ya feel me? lol. Anyways any advice?


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  • When you see him outside of class, in the hallway or outside the building just go up to him and say hey or if you have a test coming up or after a test just mention that and use that as an ice breaker. Just use short frequent conversations at first and then start talking about whatever else the next few times you talk to him. Then when he starts to get to know you and you see him in class, if you lock eyes you can wave and smile.

  • Go over to him and start a chat?

    • ha I wish it could be that simple...i don't sit anywhere near him.

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