Is it wrong to text someone you like to talk to most if not everyday?

if both sides like talking/texting each other is there anything wrong with texting every day?

talking to a girl just as friends and we both enjoy our chats.

should I sometimes ask direct questions

such as how she feels about me txting her every day?

and at what point would it be clingy? what are ways I could not be so clingy?

I don't reply back asap all the time, and sometimes force myself to wait hours before responding


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  • No there isn't.


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  • Why would there be anything wrong with it?

    Just enjoy what you two have together :)

    It's an amazing thing when you find someone you just really click with, don't throw it away because of what people are thinking :)


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  • I agree with her, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not the best form of conversation, but if both sides enjoy it, it's fine.

    What you will most often hear is that conversation will get boring, she will think you're clingy, etc. When in reality, you have to feel how everything is going with her and take it from there. If you feel it's annoying her, don't text as much. If you feel she's enjoying talking, keep it up.

    • If this is a girl you're interested in, which it does sound like, just remember that texting in particular is only one aspect of a relationship.

      The risk you run by texting everyday is that conversations may start to become routine, won't know what to talk about, and this is where giving each other space to breathe comes in.

      Try mixing things up, call her sometimes, Skype, or better yet just take her out to somewhere fun. Texting is fine, but face to face is better.