How and what should I message her? Help

So here's the story..there was this girl at my tuition she was giving me the looks like I would love to know I walked up to her,just talked like hi and all that asked for her number..Without any hesitation or why do you want my number,she gave me her now what?How and what should I message her?how should I keep the texts rolling?I really like that girl,she's pretty,sweet and single to my information..

I'm not good with girls,it's like I don't know what the problem is..if I'm texting a girl at first everything will go smooth but after some time,things change and in the end girls abandon me..

Just tell me how to keep up?

About me I'm quite handsome with a great sense of humour..I know it sounds cheesy but that's what my friends has to say!:D


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  • its so easy! don't make it hard for yourself by thinking you might mess up, and if you do mess up laugh about it and show her you have a sense of humor. First of all just chill and act like your interested in her, but not too much so she'll work hard nd try to get more attention of you. the most favourable thing all humans like to do is to talk about themselves. Which means that you shouldn't say a sh*t and let her talk! that way she'll find herself special to you. Just say hi, what are you doing today, (not whatsup or any lame synonym) I don't know if your American but Americans need to act more like a gentlemen. there are too many douchebags around so be someone special like she's never seen before. Ask her also HOW she's doing, if she's in a bad mood ask what the problem is. If she's in a good mood ask er what she's doing this weekend.

    it isn't that hard, girls are easy to catch through texting.

    • You were right, until you got to the part about douchebags.

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    • Should know everything about the other person..right?I have this one woman thought..I would never ruin a girl's life if I don't want to marry her in the future..Now you might have a little idea about how tell me what do you think about me?do I have any problem?

    • hmm can you send me some questions through chat or something? cause right now I can't really follow you and understand what the main problem is. ;p

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