How can I know if someone really likes me and wants me in a serious relationship?

how can I know if someone really likes me and wants me in a serious relationship or he just like the way I look like any girl he sees?


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  • If he thinks you're attractive, then he wants you. However..I know you're asking because lots of men just think casual sex is OK. When I of course don't...if he's willing to ask you out on a date and all that and he actually probably LIKES YOU. If he's calling you late at night or being sexual with you, you can probably guess he just wants casual sex


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  • His actions speak louder than words cause sometimes guys will say anything to get a girl to sleep with them.

    He wants a serious relationship:

    He takes his time to have sex with you or he is not bothered that you are taking your time.

    He gives you flowers or a teddy bear or spends money on anything (except a box of condoms) to give to you.

    He presents you to his friends and family

    He calls you during decent hours just to talk to you. Anything after 10pm is a booty call.

    he picks you up for dates and talks to your ogre angry father.

    He tries being a gentleman.

    He just wants to have sex:

    When he can't have sex with you he goes to the next available vagina.

    The only thing you get from him is a text messages after you have sent him 5

    He calls you only when its convenient for him after 10pm

    If someone he knows comes along to say hello and he doesn't even present you to them as if he was ashamed.

    He makes you drive to his place a one am (never ever do this)

    He takes you to strip joints or bars as a date.

    He immediately wants to grab your ass.

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