What could she have meant?

So, I was texting with this girl and we were joking around. So I made fun of her a bit and she replied: "I will never forgive you x"

All joking around of course. So anyway I texted her to ask if there was really nothing I could do to make her forgive me. She replied: "There may be something... x" So I asked her if she honestly expected me to guess. She texted back: "That's good" (or something along these lines.) And the conversation kept going for a while after that.

But recently I have noticed that she seems to look at me quite a bit during class. And whenever I look around in the classroom our eyes seem to meet a lot and she always smiles when that happens. I am now wondering what she could have meant with the "There may be something... x" text. Was there really something that I didn't pick up on? What could she have meant?

Additional information; The text conversation happened about a week ago and we are both 16.


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  • She could have meant anything!

    You could bring up the texting again, and have a funny list of things you could do for her to forgive you, and you can let her pick one. She's giving you some pretty positive signs that she like you. Smiling, looking at you...

    You could say "I've got three things I'm willing to do for your forgiveness, and you've gotta pick one."

    1. I'll brush your hair
    2. I'll share a milkshake with you using 2 straws
    3. Take you to the arcade and let you beat me in air hockey!

    You can change these up, but they're silly and if she picks one, you'll both win!

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  • I can't tell for sure honestly but I think that if she was trying to mean something serious then she would have pushed on it and not let go of it so quickly. I'm kinda thinking she may have just said that in a joking way.

  • She might like you, or she is just being really friendly but I really doubt it. You know like xoxo hugs and kisses. X I think means kiss so it could go either way I said. Hope this helps. :)

    • The kisses don't really mean anything though. Here it is normal to simply put the obligatory 'x' when texting a girl and when she's texting a guy.

      But anyway, thanks for you answer. It is really helpful.

    • your welcome! glad it did. :)

  • Yes she was hinting at something. To what, idk. If you were older I'd say sex but in this case maybe asking her out on a date?


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  • She's flirting with you. Giving you opportunity to take the conversation to another level.

    Damn, I wish I had text messaging back in high school. (yea, I'm old. Get over it.) :)

    • Allright. I'll try that, thank you.

      Must have been weird, even in Elementary school we had MSN and stuff.