For both genders, how has modern femininsm changed dating for the BETTER?

It's all above.

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  • well I don't have to sit around and wait for guys to pick me, which is great :p I can be open about my sexuality without shame to my partner, neither my partner or I have to worry about being too feminine or masculine; we save a lot of money not having to pay for each other lol.

    theres also the perk of having a choice. I'm not bound to my boyfriend by law, if he hits me (which he never ever word) or mistreats me I can leave with little negative judgement towards me and the same goes for him.

    he isn't liable for me; before if your significant other committed a crime, the husband was punished for not controlling his wife's deviant behavior lol.

    we're bound to each other by love, affection, and friendship-- not because we have to be.


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  • We have choices and options now. if we don't want a guy, we don't have to date him. we can think for ourselves now.

    I was watching this movie back to the future with my dad the other day, and they went back in time and saw Michael J. Fox's mom at the dance. this guy came in and asked if he could dance with her but she did not want to dance and she had this upset look on her face like "save me". I was like "well if she doesn't wanna dance with him why is she still there?" and my dad said women in those times just had to go along with whatever a guy said and she had to dance with him'

    that couldn't be me! if I don't like someone I will not be forced to give them attention and be with them but I guess before feminism they had no choice

  • to be honest I don't think it really has.

  • I think modern feminism has allowed girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands and wives to be friends and not just significant others.


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  • i hate how people say in this generation we are living in a time of feminized, pussified men, seriously, why is taking charge, initiative, control, going after what you want a Masculine, Manly thing? trait? I would rather use my Testosterone for instigating fights, violence instead of being a leader, taking charge, control, initiative, making things happen, it's easier that way, I just hate how society expects us guys to be aggressive and assertive all the time, they say by nature we guys are more aggressive, yes when it comes to combat, fighting, violence, physical harm but being ballsy, being assertive, aggresstive, initiating is something different

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