How can I make a good, lasting impression on his friends?

I want them to talk me up and junk, like "Oh, Billy's girlfriend is awesome! She's a catch, Billy better not let her go."

And crap.. Ha.



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  • bukakke party!


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  • If they like to play video games, feel free to join in. Don't be too sensitive. It really annoys me when a girl will act insulted for the sake of getting attention and playing the victim. Break the ice with a dirty joke lol. Good luck.

    • Ha, no sensitive crap here. My dad and brother were heartless during my aging. c: AND I love video games. c; I GOT THIS.

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    • I don't think you told me where you were going lol. If it's just hanging at the apartment, then yeah, shorts would be the way to go. I'm not much of a fashion guy anyway, so take that for what it's worth lol.

  • Well, when my friend came home from university and brought his girlfriend, he told us she bought him tickets to a football match. She's super cool.

    • I spent 300 bucks on tickets to his favorite singers concert that's happening in a few days. Hopefully he will tell them that.

    • Have fun.

  • be funny, talkative

    but not to much as then your boyfriend might get a little insecure

    break the ice with some embarrassing story of him(but not too bad) so you can talk


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