Oh wow, Two guys and one girl... WTF do I do?!

I've been seeing this guy for about a month and a half. He's my best guy friend so nothing is awkward. My ex boyfriend how ever is making things complicated. His name is Zack and he will not show any interest in me until I start hanging out with another guy then he like flirts with me and tells me he misses me and just confuses the hell out of me. I love them both I really do, I just don't wanna break either one or there hearts... So what do I do? Help, Please.


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  • If Zack is your ex, you need to remind him he is your ex. If he doesn't want to be just an ex any longer, you got lay down the hammer and let him know that rekindling a relationship with him would mean forcing you to give up your other guy-friend.

    This is at considerable expense to you. You would be sacrificing a friend for him, especially after he already had his chance. For that, you need money up front. Well, not money. But relational currency - he's got to put something down on the line for you that shows he is drop dead serious about it, and he has to be trustworthy enough to know that he will deliver. If he isn't honest, or isn't willing to agree to your list of terms, then he can shove it: stay with the other guy friend and tell Zack to get lost.

    My intuition tells me that Zack is just being a jealous little bitch and not acting like a man :)

    I think you should go with the other guy. Besides, your ex has had his chance anyway.


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