Should I just inbox him?

Okay so this guy I like inboxed me about 3 weeks ago and we were talking for a bit. We haven't talked in person ever and we haven't talked since the inbox. He goes to my school and I see him regularly in the halls and he used to be in one of my classes until a new semester. Should I inbox him or no? help


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  • SInce you guys haven't talked in person, how did you meet and how did you become friends so that he was able to contact you? Also how long has it been since you talked, and who was the last one to contact each other? Answer those questions and I'll help you out!

    • We met because we go to the same school, and had a class together and he added me on Facebook. Its been about 3 weeks since we talked. And he's the one who started the conversation.

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    • okay, yeah inbox him and see how he replies. If he's short he's not interested, if he keeps ongoing conversation and questions likes, "how's school", "how are you're classes?", "how are you" etc then he's definitely interested. If he doesn't reply at all he's probably found someone else and is thinking about or even about to pursue a relationship! Good luck girl!

    • Thanks a lot for your help :)