What are things the guy can say, do or be that he will lose your interest on the first date?

What are things the guy can say, do or be that he will loose your interest on the first date?

-What can he say? (something weird)

-do? ( some weird actions etc)

-be? ( his past or who he is)


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  • lol so typical.. afraid to be yourself so you try to predict what you "should" say that's appropriate... very lame dude. Why would you want to even hang out with someone if you can't relax?

    • I want to know if a person who was a very capable guy in the past...who went through a lot of sh*t recently and possibly experiences things such as Anxiety disorder or PTSD ...can he get a date or a gf...or is he simply done for.

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    • What? I'm just trying to be helpful.

      Oh my gosh, I didn't realize that was YOUR question.

      I guess that means that you are also a lame and afraid to be yourself.

      I'm so embarrassed. What a silly thing I have done.

    • no I was afraid to be myself, key word was. I'm giving this guy useful advice that can change his life and your sitting here bringing your childish arguments in like a 5 yo. If you have nothing to contribute to this guy then f*** off. Go jump into the safe reactor and help the world out.

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  • being rude in any way, or disgusting (i.e. burps, farts, dirty hair, un-neat clothing, smelling bad), umm being too grabby like trying to touch her ass or her boobs the whole time, not looking into her eyes, not listening to what she says and remembering it. Do NOT bring up ANY ex-girlfriends, especially if you're going to say how awesome they were, we don't' wanna hear that, makes us feel incompetent. Other than that be polite, listen to her, try to be clean and as nice to her as possible. Respect her space--do something like try to hold her hand :)

  • Not say anything at all will lose my interest for sure!


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