Hot but not dating material

I always get the same answer from guys -

You are extremely hot, but I only like you as a friend

Guys think I am really hot, but NEVER like me more than a friend. They would never even think of dating me. Why?


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  • I know nothing about you so I can't say. The only reason I can think of to not date a hot girl is because she is really annoying or contagious with a terrible disease. I'm not saying you are either. Pick your best guy friend and ask him why. Tell him to be honest. Or have a friend ask a guy.


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  • Given the information you provided, the only reasonable answer is that they don't see potential in you as a long-term partner. It may be because you don't exude a maternal (caring, comforting) presence, or it could be that they assume attractive women must be high-maintenance and have needs that they couldn't fulfill.


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  • Seeing as I don't know you personally I would have to say that maybe your attitude is reflecting snobbery or something. Then again, they could just be saying that because you intimidate them and they don't think they could ever be in your league. Really hard to give a definite answer though. Either way, good luck! :)

  • *Do you have a slutty reputation?

    *or are you not putting out (not that this is bad but most guys that age want pootie lol)

    *do you know them so long that you're like family?

    i wish I could help you better but I can't see why a guy would only want a hot girl as a friend. that's the line they give uglies =/ (except for the your hot not insinuating that you're ugly b/c if you were the wouldn't call you hot) =)

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