What should I do?do all men act like this?

I feel really stupid right now.i have been played

Long story,sorry

so I meet this guy at an on-line dating website. He started talking to me, very sweet and cute, telling me lovely stuff and we had loads in common. Views in life and stuff.

Start talking a bit on msn, added each other on facebook. And we was very keen on a date.

We was coming to my town so we arranged a date, after this he had to cancel saying he couldn't come to my town any more but really wanted to meet me and asked me to meet him instead.

Went to his town and had the most amazing time with him. He flirted a bit with me sometimes and eventually asked me if he could kiss me. After a few hours he kind of had a make out session together ( I was really falling for this guy) and yes I know it was going too fast but it felt right and good.

Unfortunately I lost my train back home, we run to the buses but missed all of them as well. Had to wait until 4 in the morning for next one (Sunday transport is a nightmare) so he asked me if a wanted to stay at his house ( I didn't really had another option, and we were getting on so well). There was only heating in his bedroom so I had to go there. He offered me something to wear so I took his shorts and stayed in my top, ready to sleep on top of the bed, away from him. when I got back to the bedroom and was going to the bed, he moved to the other side,saying we was warming it up for me (I thought this was extremely sweet and it melted my hearth a bit more). In bed he cuddle me and after 15m he turned my head for a kiss, and we make out again, and things got a bit carried away. Again I don't regret it, and it felt right ( he was my second partner, I do not sleep around)we was soo sweet after ,cuddling with me, slept all night getting very close to me,touching or occasional kiss, very caring and very sweet touch. Made breakfast together next morning, and told me he usually doesn't do these kinds of stuff, it's been a long time and bla bla.

After I got home I had a text from him saying he had a lovely time with me, I was very sweet and stuff and in a way he did wish I missed my train. Been talking and told me he was coming to meet me now and stuff.

Lately he's talking less and less. Told me he was going to be without internet for 3 days. But I can see him on-line on the dating site... ignores me for 2 days, then sends me a text that looks like he's very interested in me,but hen ignores me again...we said to each other that communication is very important for a relationship. Any kind of relationship but now he acts like this. he made me believe in love again. that he was the perfect one, even introduced me to some of his friends

Yeah I just realized I have been played. Should I do something about this?

Why men act like this? I have been very hurt by me previous boyfriend and was finally getting the courage to start dating , this all sets me back again.

can you just come ou and say,sorry I don't find you interesting anymore?

Sorry for the rant and thank you all. he looks like he's trying to avoid the date now, we said first week of feb and so far no plans or attempts for date, I also know he dated someon else (the girl say it on his facebook)
not many answers so had to resubmit question.sorry


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  • I was reading your question and saying to myself, "NO! Not the bedroom! Ahhhh! Don't do it!"
    But you did and now here you are. It sucks, but I think you should just see this as a valuable lesson learned. We all mistaken the ugly frog for Prince Charming once in a while. It isn't anything to beat yourself up about - but it should make you more perceptive to what led you into a situation to be played.
    He told you what you wanted to hear, he behaved how you wanted him to behave, and he got what he wanted. I honestly think he would have played you whether or not you slept with him. If you would have strung it out longer before giving up the prize, he would have eventually stopped communicating with you. Whatever his problem is, is his. He's an ass, a jerk, a player.
    You're problem is seeing what you really want instead of what really is in front of you. You want to fall in love, you want to meet Mr. Right, you're looking for your Prince Charming. You want it so bad, you're forgetting the first rule of finding love - Make Him Wait.
    If he wants you despite turning him down - then he wants you. I can almost guarantee that if you would have turned away from his kisses that night, the end result would have been the same. He would have distanced himself from you, because it wasn't really you that he wanted, just what you could physically offer him.
    Next time, just take your time. Resist the temptation to make your life into a fairy tale. Be realistic and cautious. My rule of thumb - if it seems too good to be true, it's too good to be true.
    Good luck.


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  • Ouch that sucks, dude sounds like a jerk, but don't give up. Speaking on behalf of the guys, we are not all like this! haha
    I think you should do something about it though, call him out on it and ask him what's up, and why he is acting like this.


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  • yeah.. you were played.. I'm sorry... I met my guy on line too.. I wish you could have met someone nicer.. my guy and I have been together over a year now... say something about it to him if you guys are still talking...

  • You met the guy on the internet and had sex with him too early. I'm sorry this happened to you but that's why you don't sleep with them so early, you didn't know what kind of man he was and didn't even have a commitment. It was wrong that he played with your feelings like that but you can learn from this in the future and not be so quick to give it up. This has happened to me too so don't think I'm judging you, but you have to learn and be better next time. This guy just wants quick sex from as many girls as he can.