Date gone wrong..your thoughts?

So this date happened on the 29th,we went to Starbucks, but let me fill you in on everything that happened earlier that day.

I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, 2 job interviews, rode my bike 15-20 miles all day, from 7AM till 7:40pm. Got sunburn all over my forearms,face. I can't drive either, because of financial reasons and having just moved, (just got out of hs still with my parents right now).

This chick I asked out for Starbucks was all psyched we were going to go walk to Starbucks which was 10-15mins away,and her hs is about 20mins away from my house (she is a jr,17yo).

She has me waiting out there from 4-5pm, because she has fashion club or whatever. She texts me after this, that her dad is picking up because he needed to talk to her. So I was about to cancel, and redo it on another date, but my phone died, so I ride home, charge my phone up, give her a call, and told her I'd need to find out where she lives to ride down there, because I didn't know where she lived, she was all cool with that. But little did I know, my dad walks into my room and he says "Do you need a ride for you and your date" - Note I never intended on asking or doing this- She overheard it, and says "can your dad take us to Starbucks? that'd be awesome, I'll see you in 15mins when you come pick me up".. So my dad and I go pick her up and all this, I've got like $400 left from my previous endeavors working, my dad decides to say in front of her "Do you need money?". I told him no,but it was embarrassing,the whole thing. When we're in starbucks, and of course I open the door for her and pay for it and everything, no big deal. But she then gets all these phone calls from this one weirdo guy that is her neighbor, he calls her like 16 times, and texts here like 30 things. She finally talks to him while in there with me for like 5 mins, in front of me. We talked about most topics-well she did, I listened mostly as she was a nervous wreck,at least from what she was saying it seemed that way. Eg: tearing up paper casing for straw,playing with the paper, constantly fixing her hair,messing with mascara, putting hands on drink and putting the drink in front of her, looking outside the window on occasion-like 2ce. so we're in there for about an hour and forty minutes. Its 9ish, my dad decides to come back and says "sorry I have work tomorrow at 5am," so we left.. right when actually got to talk to her.. I've been so embarrassed.. I tried texting her but she hasn't been texting me much after that..I think I pretty much got screwed over. She will answer my texts on occasion, said she had fun,and a second date would be cool..

she hasn't exactly said "no", she said she doesn't know when she'll have off.. I don't know what to think of it all..


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  • she kinda sounds like she is blowing you off but then again maybe she really is busy and can't get a day off but to me it sounds like she is not gonna say yes to u


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