Do you think it will happen? what should I do?

so its February vacation for me. my friend and I were supposed to go to a bigger mall further away from us. but her parents didn't end up letting her go because they were worried about the big storm coming. She wasn't in service to be able to call or text me so she couldn't tell me that she couldn't go. Finally, later in the day she texted me.

Anyways, we are supposed to go to her house tonight to hang out. We, pretty much agreed last night that they are going to do it. Except, she said she would let me know if she could pick me up in the morning. Well, she never texted me. She had a senior day from 3-6. so I'm jsut waiting for it to get done so I can text her. But, I feel like I'm bugging her. I was the one who asked yesterday if we were still hanging out today.

I know she didn't ditch me when we were supposed to go. But I still have a little doubt that this won't happen. Even though she said last night we were going to do it. I guess, just not hearing from her all day kinda makes me worry that it won't happen. Do you think I should call or text her when I know she's done with her thing? or should I just wait to see if she ever contacts me?

thanks :)


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  • Let her contact you so yeah just give it time.