Date ugly people until I find someone more worthy?

I've always had trouble dating. I am shy and have a hard time opening up to men. A friend told me that I should date ugly men to get comfortable with dating and move up until I find someone I really like. I am just wondering if guys/girls have tried this with ugly people and found someone worth their time after getting that practice? Is it something I should try?

Thanks! :) All the help would be appreciated. I am 25 and have only had three boyfriends and the longest relationship was a year a half. So kind of pathetic... lol.


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  • I am not a fan of this strategy. What if I said, I should only date insecure girls so I can use them until I find a proper long-term girlfriend who is perfect in every way. Going into a relationship with intentions to "trade up" will not make you happy, no more than it is respectful to the other person.

    What you need to do is get to the bottom of why you are having a hard time opening up to men. Shy girls are more common than you may realize, I've dated a number of them and even wrote a very long article on the topic

    Read my article:


    Once you've read it, I want you to come back to this question and update it. Let us know what is holding you back from being successful with men? Why can't you open up? There's lots of good questions I put in the article for you to address. What kind of shy girl are you? Please share more.


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  • No. I think you should just network among your friends to meet guys. I fear an unintended consequence of this idea is that you will feel "stuck" with these guys. By that, I mean you may feel like you aren't worthy of the attention of a guy you genuinely would be interested in. Plus, don't be afraid about your shyness. Shy girls are really cute :-)

  • Ha, I might have to use a practice girl.

    I though about it, but I don't want to hurt someone that badly.

    • lol well I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to tell them you used them. I'm not going to tell a guy I used him. I'll just make up an excuse when I'm done with him. it's a win-win. he got attention from a girl, and I built my social skills. it's only hurtful if the person knows. but they're ugly anyway, so they've been hurt in the past and they know rejection so I don't think it will make much diff anyway. ugly people are used to it, not sayin its nice, that's just reality

    • The difference between ugly and pretty is only $10k.

  • sounds like good advice.People have told me the same thing. And your not as pathetic as me trust me.

  • I could never love a girl thts ugly, if you won't love the guy, then you need to stop **** mongling around. Don't do that to ugly guys, they have souls too. You can get more boyfriends if you talk to boys first, at least 3 times, and the guy if he likes you will follow you and start the convo every time...but don't turn him off reply to his convo.


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  • Would you want a guy to use you as a practice girl until he found the one he really wanted to be with?

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