How can I let this girl down? I messed up!

I'm 25 years old and I'm always hanging out at my cousins house Because he has a party like every 3 weeks. his girlfriend lives with him and she has a little sister who's 16 and is always over too. she is really shy and barely says a word. since I used to be like that in HS I always try to talk to her. I'll poke fun at her, talk about school, things I did in hs, tell her how to watch out for players and stuff like that. just to get her to come out of her shell. She talked about how boys don't really talk to her, and I pointed out that its because she's tall and pretty so they're probably intimidated. I swear she can totally pass for a 20 something year old taylor swift who works at a library. little by little she starts opening up. about a month ago we're on the couch watching a scary movie while everyone else is passed out around the house. I pretend to be scared and squeeze her hand or hide my face behind hers, just joking around. my friend who's sleeping behind me puts his legs up so his knees are digging in my back. I scoot forward closer to the girl to make room. when I turn back around we're face to face. she's looking directly into my eyes and so my drunk ass decides to make a move and make out with her. and so we did.

so now she makes it obvious that she likes me. and here I was talking about how to watch out for players, now I gotta tell her that it wasn't right for me to do that and it was a mistake. I'm afraid its gonna tear her trust with boys down after I got her to open up so much. girls are really impressionable at those ages and I dread having to tell her this. especially since I know what its like to be rejected. please help!

i totally forgot to mention that I thought she was 18 because I was surprised that she was still in high school. like I said she looks a lot older. if she went to 21+ older clubs I'm sure she wouldn't have too much of a problem getting in.


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  • Dude okay you've messes up big! I think what you have got to do is let her down real easy! Sit her down when no one is around and tell her that you are 25 and she is sixteen, and that as much as you would have liked to date her if you were her age you can't. Try to avoid her more, but not in an obvious way. Try to find a girl and bring her over to the house so that she knows you are not interested. And next time don't kiss her drunk or any other time!

    • i was just planning on not showing up for a while and if she still feels the same then try and talk to her alone. I just hate having to tell her cause like I said I know what its like to be turned down and I would feel HORRIBLE watching her reaction. I don't want her to feel weird or angry with me but I guess there isn't no other way around it right?

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  • Drunk is NOT an excuse. I bet you wouldn't have made out with a guy so don't try to use that as an excuse. you did it because you wanted to and now you have to deal with the consequences. you're a grown ass man so don't bitch out. you were "man" enough to make out with your cousins gf's 16 year old sister, be man enough to tell her it's over. she'll get over it. that's what she gets for being fast and desperate for attention anyway.

    • ur completely right. I f***ed up. I can deal with it but I don't know how she is going to. I guess I shouldn't care. I was just worried how she'd deal with it because she's a really shy person. and I just realized that I forgot to mention she was 18 until she told me she wasn't. either way I gotta deal with this.

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  • How about "I was so drunk, I don't remember what happened"

    • well that's a start lol. its gonna be interesting to see the girls' answers vs the guys'