What do you do after a bad first date?

After a bad first date with someone (whether you've know them a long timeor just met them) how do you get rid of them?

  • Tell them after the date or the next day that it isn't working and end all contact
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  • Ignore all their contact and don't contact them hoping they get the hint
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  • Set them up with someone else
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  • Give them another chance because people always make a bad first impression
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  • Continue to hang out with them but act platonic and hope they get the hint
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would tell them but depending on the person I wouldn't end all contact...

    I would let her know that if she just wanted to be friends and hang out as friends then that's an option but if she doesn't want to speak to me at all then that's cool to, her call. But either way I would just make sure that she knows I don't see it going anywhere


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What Guys Said 3

  • I would say something to the effect of "thank you for your time but I don't think we have a connection." Whatever you say, be nice but to the point.

    If they go creeper on you and start saying stuff like "I can change" or "give it another chance" or something to that effect, feel free to stop responding to them.

    • I'm chicken sh*t I just avoid all contact lol

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    • Men tend to go the "b" route with me or claim they've been busy

    • That's a bummer. They probably aren't worth a damn anyway.

  • Depends how bad/what happened. But in general I'd think another chance is worth it.

  • play videogames or watch TV or sleep


What Girls Said 1

  • All my first dates turn out to be awkward and just turn out not that great so I just give another chance.I actually had a really bad date one time and told myself that I would never go out with this guy but hey I will give him another chance, found out we had much more in common so then we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend :) If it was really bad to where it was plain creepy and throw up everywhere then I probably wouldn't want to see the person again. In a way it depends on how bad it was.

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