Do you think I could be a little more understanding?

I just keep freaking out that he's not texting me he told me that he has a lot on his mind and is very busy with some stuff. I keep having to hold myself back from texting him. I get the same way when stuff is on my mind. It's been two days since he texted me last :(


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  • Put the phone down, and do something else to occupy your time at least for a little bit.

    Don't obsess, it's the single most unattractive trait a person can have. Let him breathe, let yourself breathe.

    • Thanks I'll try not to worry about it to much as just chill out. I just miss him when I can't talk to him I'm not use to not speaking with him this is the longest time we haven't spoken to each other. Deep breath and chill

    • You gotta take time for yourself too. Do the things you enjoy that have nothing to do with him

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah. You need to chill.

    • Thank you that's exactly what I need to do chill and stop making such a big deal about.

    • You sound like a very reasonable person and it sounds like you know that your feelings have more to do with emotion than anything. I have been there. Just occupy your time with things you really enjoy to take your mind off of it.

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