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So about three hours ago, the girl I like (and that possibly likes me) told me that we may arrange something for the coming weekend on Facebook. I wrote in her inbox that it's not sure if I can. One hour ago, she texted me (SMS) this:

'Sweetie! Did I understand well?! We are about to witness the historical event of going out together...and you say maybe?'

(The reason she called it 'historical' is because we rarely get the chance to see each other)

I decided to be more distanced (I'm afraid I'm stepping into the friendzone and I'm trying to fix it) so I texted her back:

Me: 'Yep, you read well ;) maybe I will come...maybe I won't...!'

Her: 'Ohh...ok then! How are you doing?'

Me: 'Everything's under control, babe! You?'

Her: 'Eeeh I'm feeling strange...I'm well though.'

Me: 'Haha let's go for clubbing then!'

Her: 'I'm feeling so down right now, that I decided to do the laundry...imagine hehe'

Me: 'Now, I pictured you in a village, next to the river, washing the clothes'

Her: 'Hahaha you are completely out of your mind, dear! :-* '

Me: ' ;) '

(After a long time)

Her: Kisses boy :-* ;) Talk to you soon!'

Me: 'Goodnight princess!'

Then, after a while, she texted this:

Her: 'The silly little girl is happy because she was called a princess, haha!'

I didn't know what to reply to that, so I said:

Me: 'Truth be told :) '

Was it too far fetched? I am trying to show her my feelings, just in a more subtle and teasing way, so she doesn't start playing with me! What do you think?


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  • I think that's cute :) I don't think there's anything wrong with that.


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