Do you think he's not talking to me because of his girl friend?

so my best friend broke up with her boyfriend in like June of 2011. I didn't have a relationship with her boy friend because he wasn't a mutual friend. Anyways, I talked to him a few weeks before they broke up. only because all three of us were joking around together on Facebook.

okay so she broke up with him and he came to me. and I talked to him about it for days. for the first few weeks of our relationship I was pretty much comforting him about the breakup. I honestly didn't expect us to stay friends. However, we did. In my opinion we became really good friends. we texted back in forth all day every day. he even texted me first most of the time. I even went to his city for my 16th birthday and he came and walked around with me and my friends.

So, he got a new girlfriend a few months after the breakup. and we eventually started talking less. which I understood because he was in a new relationship, and school had started. So, I started only really talking to him when he would text me. as time goes on we talk less and less.

And we Haven't even talked at all for the past three weeks. I think he's ignoring me because I see his activity of Facebook. So, he can't use the excuse that he was "busy". I'm thinking his girlfriend told him to stop talking to me. I have no idea what I did to cause it. I have been nothing but supportive of them. Whenever he told me something he bought her I would say "awee, cute" or "that sounds so pretty". when he tells me what they did over the weekend I always say " that sounds like so much fun!" or " I'm glad you had fun" and I always say I'm happy for you.

it breaks my heart that he's doing this because he was one of my really good friends. I miss talking to hiim and getting his advice. He even told me at one point that he cared about me and he would be there for me. and he always says " always remember, I enjoy talking to you" :(

the first two weeks of the three weeks that we Haven't been talking I texted him maybe twice throughout the week. Then a few nights ago I was with my friend and she said I should text him. so I did. I just said hi. then he never answered so an hour later I sent "you are a bum" usually when I say that he makes a joke about me thinking he has a nice bum. and I never got a response. then I just texted him again tonight. and nothing yet.

i don't know why he's not talking to me :( do you think its his girlfriend?


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  • I think it is but just do the same and ignore him