Lady's is dating some kind of joke when people are always set up?

I logged into a dating and networking site called beautiful people dot com . the site is the largest site for the most beautiful people people in the world. I'm mad because I have the highest ranking out of millions of man on the site.

are people voting me up as a joke because if that is true then I'm offended

my final point is

why is dating such joke today, all my life I had to go threw humiliation like in the movie carrie by stephen king.

is it because I hung out withbizzar from d12 the hole time that I asking women out? lol

also why haven't I seen the downfall of the popular kids yet?


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  • Not sure if this is serious or not, or if someone's been "drunk GAGing", but most dating sites and their ranking/matching systems are rubbish.

    • how so...

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    • Poor suckers with credit cards and too much time on their hands, and scammers lol.

    • I never paid for site but do use them for self promo lol

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