Am I asking for too much of her time?

My girlfriend and I are at university, so I do understand that studies should be a priority.

However, there are instances like today, where she has the next 2 hours free, but wants to go swimming first, leaving 20 minutes at most for me before I have to leave for class.

She has strict parents who won't let her stay out too late at night with me in particular (her female friends are fine) so after classes is also a no go.

On days where her parents don't have an idea of when she should be back we usually can sneak in a bit more time, but I do wish that time with me would come before swimming which she can do on days when I'm not at all free.

Am I too demanding/possessive? Or is it the case that I simply don't merit her time?


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  • I don't think you are being possessive at all. You just love your significant other and would like to spend some quality time with her. If this is not the case, it would be abnormal. I think that your girlfriend puts other things before you, not that she doesn't love you but perhaps she thinks about herself more than other people.

    Not going at night is understandable, but after her classes is a bit too much. So, when do you get to see one another? If you don't spend enough time together, you'll get bored and walk seperate ways, eventually. You have to do something about it.

    If I were you, I'd sit her down and channel my thoughts in a nice way. Don't make it seem like an interrogation rather than sharing your thoughts. Tell her you love her, wants to see her and ask her if she wants the same too. Be nice and observe her response. If she freaks out, tells you not to control her or guilt-trip you, then she isn't going to change. Then, you have to decide whether to stay or leave.

    Good luck. :)

    • I did sort of try that, but she then listed all the times she did make time for me. Made me feel kind of guilty but at the same time in my head I didn't still feel quite right about it. Especially since most of those times she was already out doing something else before dinner etc.

      I just don't know anymore.

    • You are right. It isn't something to ask for. She should do it and be happy about it. She has to do it eagerly. It is not a good situation but you have a choice. You could either stay, be patient and talk to her again or you could just walk away but make sure not to regret leaving. Think about it.

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