I want to feel safe talking to him, please help?

We had a rocky start. He showed interest then went away. When he was interested again and decided to date me, an ex came into the picture and caused a lot of drama. I felt insecure about it all, and slightly devalued that I wasn't good enough for him the first time. Whenever I ask him questions, I'm not invasive. I don't accuse him. What probably seems like uncomfortable and unnecessary conversation to him is a talk that I need to have in order to trust and love him. He'll bury his head in a blanket. He'll mumble whiny things. He gets the luxury of asking me about anything he wants, and he does, without me getting upset with him. I don't feel like I can talk to him. How can I?


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  • You should sit him down, and try to express yourself. If he refuses, then you're not important enough yet, and you should find someone, i.e. counselor, to talk about your insecurities.


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