I think I might just give up?

there's this guy...we text sometimes but he's really short. we went on a date, he came to one of my perfomances yesterday and things like that but I still feel like he doesn't like me. we seemed to get along super well on our date and now he's a little more outgoing in texts to me and stuff but I don't know


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  • Some guys are more shy then others maybe he does like you and jsut doesn't know how to show it and it comes across as not interested... lets be honest- its easier to text/type something then it is to say it face to face.. especially if he is like me.. ha ha I am a shy person but I'm more outgoing in texts or messages online. I would just ask him if he liked you or not. What's to lose? Maybe like I said he is just shy and doesn't really know what to say.. :) Goodluck!