Kissing the guy first?

Guys, if a girl were to kiss you first, what would be the perfect scenario? I know the guy I've been hanging out with likes me, he's made that clear. We haven't held hands or kissed yet and it's so dam slow! I want something to happen. I feel like I understand guys hyped up on testosterone now haha.

So I'm telling myself that I should just do it. Do you guys mind that happening? What would be the hottest way to do it? ;)


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  • Yeah definitely kiss him! It's refreshing for the girl to make the first move for onces haha. I think the "hottest" way you could do it (and easiest) is invite him over for a movie, get a blanket, and just completely start snuggling with him on the couch. Then kiss him at some point. He'll like it and it might turn into a little make out session too ;)

    Also, just a little side note, I'm not saying your doing this but don't get frustrated when it takes a while for a guy to make a move. A lot of girls end things because the guy "takes to long" but really not all guys operate the same and its perfectly fine and normal for a guy not to rush into things.

    So that being said, its definitely alright to make the first move yourself if you're ready


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  • Just whenever it feels right for you. Girls are better with their emotions, at feeling out the moment, so when she would be into it, that's the time it probably would be great.

    I definitely wouldn't mind it, it would be different for most guys I assume.

  • doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiit its awesome to get random kisses


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