Am I waiting too long to call?

So I went on a date on Friday. It was really fun and she seemed to have a good time. At the end we hugged and I sensed she wanted a kiss but I didn't go for it because we met online.

We texted a little after the date and then today we texted a little bit. On Friday she said "have a wonderful weekend" and today she said "have a good night :)". Do those show she is interested in going out again? If she wasn't interested, why would she respond let alone say good night?

OK so now about calling, I plan on calling tomorrow. Is that too late? I mean we have texted since the date so she knows I'm keeping in contact...but is 3 days too long to wait to call? And last thing, should I text her tomorrow asking when she would be free to talk if I called later so I don't call while she's in class? Or should I just call sometime later in the day?


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  • She's obviously interested. Lol. :p She wouldn't text you tho if she didn't (not unless she's a bitch which I think not). And just call her sometime later when your sure that she doesn't have a class :) Goodluck!

    • What do you think about me not going for the kiss? I think she wanted to but the last time I tried for a kiss on the first date she girl said "not yet" and I never got a second date.

      I mean we met online so it was our first time meeting each other. We clicked very well. She seemed shy but we still managed not to have any awkward pauses. The date lasted 5 hours also... but just the thing about meeting online held me back. Was that ok? Definitely on the second date though...if there is one.

    • The girl might have been disappointed because she was expecting the kiss but that's fine. Lol. Make her want more. Kidding! You do know that people tend to like the people that they can't have so give her things to hold on to and don't be very clingy.

      Ask her out for a second date that might be a reason why she still texts you.. Meeting online is just a way for you to meet her. We'll never know what happens and you two clicked so that's a good thing :)

  • I know guys love the 3 day rule, but I've always personally preferred the 48 hour rule. If why don't get her on the phone when you call, just call again. It's more personal than a text.

    • Well it wasn't really a rule I was going off of. On Friday night after the date her last text to me after I said sometime next week we should go out again was "Sounds good! Have a wonderful weekend :D". So I just waited until Sunday to contact her again. And I just texted to talk to see if she would respond and she was working on homework so I didn't want to call then... ha ha so that's why I'm waiting three days. And do you think it's OK I didn't go for the kiss or should I have tried?

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    • You say disappointed, but does that mean you lost any interest in him? Did it make you not like him as much?

    • Um, did you notice the part where I said "My ex-husband?" I married the guy. No, I didn't lose interest, but it was a big let down at the end of our first date. I left not knowig for sure if he was really into me or not. And then he waited 3 days to call me so I really thought he wasn't interested. It kinda sucked in a big way.

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