Guys don't approach me?

I've been told I'm nice and pretty approachable.

I'm confident, I laugh and smile a lot, and I'm quite funny.

I don't get why guys don't approach me though?

Can there be specific reasons for that?

Is it like, a guy "thing"?


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  • You look normal, so that's not the fault why guys don't approach you.

    Many other girls here ask similar questions without showing their picture and that makes it clear what's the reason of their problem.

    There are possible reasons of your problem:

    -The must guys around your area are of "different kind" - mismatching personalities.

    People say "looks attract, personality keeps" although in reality both of them attract and keep at the same time.

    Quite often we let the first impression to control our judgement, regardless of its correctness.

    -If you're always around with other people that wards off potential guys who could approach you.

    If you're someplace only by yourself, it greatly increases the chances of you being approached.

    And girls successfully use this phenomena according to their will to be or not to be approached.

    -If you are not(or don't seem to be) easy. In my opinion, judging by your pictures, you're not easy.

    There's an explosive high amount of young adult men who want to avoid relationships and just seek easy sex(whether or not it's according to their own unbiased views and needs) especially those who frequently go to parties or nightclubs.

    Although if that's (also) the reason, you're lucky. You don't want to be misled and used.

    But it greatly cuts down the amount of guys who could approach you.


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  • Have you tried approaching and talking to the men you're interested in? If you're confident, I don't see why this is a problem. Have you attempted to do this before?

    • Update: Also, what kind of men are you attracted to? What style, personalities, ethnic groups, etc? Are you hanging around where the men are that you ARE attracted to?

  • I don't know, maybe do you have a reputation or something?

    You are very beautiful, I would approach you.

  • well you are very beautiful, hot, gorgeous, so guys are either intimidated or they assume you have a boyfriend already, are taken. Also, when you are out, going out, are you usually surrounded by a lot of people, guys and girls? Guys often don't like approaching girls when they are with their friends, they usually are more comfortable doing it when the girl is alone, and no other guys nearby either because who knows, that other guy could be your boyfriend, or they just think it is your boyfriend

  • If that's you in the picture it's probably because you're attractive to the point that it's actually intimidating.

  • you may have teased guys, or you may have rejected the wrong guy!you are good lookin, maybe its who you hang out with ?

  • Personally you are a beautiful woman. Absolutely stunning. Myself, I would never approach you because I am always intimidated by beautiful woman. I am 50 and still will never approach a younger hot woman. I am always afraid of being shot down and most times you guys are way above my league and what I am used to. Guys can be scared of hot women. Make sence?

  • Assuming that's really you in your picture. The only reason I can think of is maybe there afraid of you.


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  • You are stunning!

    And whoever made that pathetic comment needs to grow up!

    • You're so pretty. Maybe you just don't seem available. I'm Indian girl too so it may be a race thing, esp if you like guys that are not Indian lol

  • because you're Indian

    • So what is wrong with her being an Indian?

    • eh..My friend below (petitebrunette) is very foxy and a lot of the Indian p*rn stars are really hot...India has some real stunners...they are like any other country...lots of beautiful females in India...(:

    • What is wrong with her being Indian?

      She's stunning.

      Dont see a picture of your ugly mug anywhere with your annon answer.

      Think before you make spiteful racist comments you moron.