Romantic first kiss ideas?

I went on a first date last week and at the end I could kind of tell she wanted to kiss but I did not go for it because we me online. Just may have been weird if she didn't actually want to kiss.

So anyway, when we go out on a second date, I want to have a first kiss that is memorable. I feel like this is the right girl and I want it to be special :) We are in college so it's not easy to go anywhere really cool. So what could we do on a college campus that would be a fun way to get the first kiss? I plan on going out to dinner but then I have no idea. It's been cold where we live so there's a little snow on the ground but when we go out it will be pretty warm for winter. Any ideas? Just ramble with your comments and something may sound good :D thanks!


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  • To make a first kiss memorable you need to be confident and bold while also being able to read that she is ready to go there. I don't know if you need suggestions in this area but if you need to figure that out, try moving into her space and see if she moves away. Also, talk to her, facing her, and during a pause, tilt your head subtly to the right; if she unconsciously does the same thing, you are all set. That said, take too long or wait for the "perfect" moment and she'll get bored and you're done. Do not be afraid to walk up to her boldly, take her face in your hands, and kiss her long and slow (without any tongue). And when you're done, pull away and smile at her. Don't try and turn the first kiss into the first make-out session.

    As for the what to do on campus, most college campus' have lots of walkways and hidden spots. Find somewhere that has a view or some building or roof you can get to... show her somewhere special that you've scoped out (that doesn't have a lot of foot traffic obviously). One caveat, make sure she feels safe and don't try and take her to some deep dark corner. That won't go well.

    Good luck.

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