How do you know if a guy will actually call you when he gets your number?

What's running in a guy's head then? How do you know if he's not just being polite or whatever?


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  • You don't when you give it to him. Though if it was going good enough that you gave your number there is a very good chance. If you gave it on the weekend and are wondering why he didn't call it's because we like to wait until Wed or Thursday to make the call. If you haven't received the call by Friday you probably won't get one.

    • really? Why Wednesday / Thursday? Any particular reason?

  • if he hasn't contacted you in a few days, its probably not gunna happen. but I mean unless he calls you there's obviously no way to know...and how is asking someones number polite? lmao

    • If he approached you and you talked or hung out and he realized nothing's gonna happen but didn't wanna blow you off. That'd be being polite, wouldn't it?

    • i guess...but seriously who does that?

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