1st date makeout?slutty or not?

so I've been flirtting with this guy from school like all year long. I didn't take it very seriously just kinda like a crush. He finally got the courage to ask me out and it took me sometime to actually agree to it. It wasn't that I didn't like him it was just that I was kinda nervous to go out with him. Long story short on our first date we went to hang out with his bother and his friends but I didn't feel comfortable. He noticed that and instead we went to his house to watch a movie. I thought that it would be OK to kiss him on the first date cause he had been really sweet with me, but the kiss led to a make out session. I can't say I didn't enjoy it but I just don't want him to have the impression of me that I'm easy or anything. Was that a slutty thing to have dome? Should I have held back? I normally don't do this, I mean on first dates I don't normally even kiss.


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  • I think you should forget what you have done on first date, it was just happened, and it was his first day too, so it was not just you. not slutty for me


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