Am I just overreacting at this much attention? Is this really a bad thing to change this much?

My senior year of high school I went to prom alone cause the girl I liked rejected me. I've gone all of college without having a serious girlfriend, but after my 2011 resolution to get in shape brought me from 215 to 165lbs I've had a massive amount of girls throwing themselves at me.

Girls I went on a few dates with who suddenly 'became too busy' wanted to hang out again. Random girls were calling me cute or pulling me to dance with them. Up til the last year I'd been the nice guy standing on the side or dancing with my best friend (a girl).

The last two months I've had at least 2 different girls try to sleep with me EVERY WEEKEND. I haven't done anything serious with any of them (the most that has happened was a girl came home with me and slept next to me, totally OK with that after I told her nothing was happening that night). But this is insane.

This doesn't even just apply to my massively college heavy town either. I visited my brother in rural Nebraska and went out to a bar with him and another close friend. A female friend of his brought a friend, a few drinks later this girl is kissing me (and evidently I'm the first guy she's ever kissed even though she's smoking hot and is 22).

I don't honestly even know what to say anymore. I still care more for my best friend than for any of these girls. I feel almost dirty for having this many girls interested in me, even if I never let things go beyond kissing. I still remember that 5 years ago I couldn't get anyone to even go with me to prom... is it really that bad to change this much though?


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  • I hope you're legit about this, and not just boasting :-)

    Girls are fickle creatures who go with looks first. Hell, so do guys. If you've got feelings for your best friend, let her know how you feel. It's better to be her friend knowing, than be her friend not knowing. And if she isn't into it, then you've got the freedom to do these other chicks knowing that you're not hurting your best friend. So talk and then make up for lost time.

  • I wish I got that much attention from girls. Anyway, most girls are no different from most guys you suddenly become "attractive" and they are all over you. If you really do have feelings for your best friend I would express them to her. It is better to go with the person who likes you for who you are and cared about you from the beginning and not just because you are now "attractive."