Reconnecting with a girl?

I met this girl in the fall last semester in one of my classes. We got to talking in class and I really liked her. I could tell for at least bit she was interested in me but anyways. We never really saw each other outside class and by the end of the year I felt she didn’t really want to talk to me and she didn’t respond to one or two of my texts. We didn’t talk then till..

I ran into her a week ago and we said hi. I texted her later and she responded and we texted a bit, I told her I missed talking to her. Just about how we’ve been and all. I don’t know what else I can do to reconnect with her, she's not ignoring me anymore so that’s good. I want to ask her to hang out but this time if she says no it would probably mean I shouldn’t ask again (I had asked her out last year). I don’t know if I should call because I think ill be nervous and not find stuff to say at the moment. Should I just text her just to talk a bit , something that will make her smile or just straight up ask her if she wants to hang out? Any advice on what I should do here? I don’t want it to end just never saying anything to her , even if nothing comes of it which ir probably wont, I just miss seeing her smile and talking with her.


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  • How about you ask her out to like coffee the before you see her. You guys could meet at a local coffee shop. It will kind of be like a date/get-together. You guys will spend time together and get to catch up on some things and then you can tell her that you like her maybe. Somehow you gotta slip that in somewhere in the conversation. Women aren't mind readers unfortunately (and thankfully too), so she won't know how you feel unless you tell her! I hope my advice can help you out somehow and best of luck with this girl and any of your other romantic endeavors! God Bless!

  • If you want to ask her out by text then that's fine. You don't have to personally ask her out if you're not comfortable or confident enough in doing that. Just ask her if she has any free time, tell her that you're romantically interested in her, and ask her out on a date. After you do this then the pressure is on her on whether or not she wants to go out with you or not. If she says yes then great and get ready for your date with her. If she says no then I recommend that you move on to another girl because unfortunately she isn't interested in you and doesn't know what she's missing out on. Just plan out what you're going to do, execute your plan with confidence, and carry on from there. I hope my advice can give you some peace of mind and best of luck with your romantic endeavors! Keep me posted okay! Deuces!

    • thanks for the advice. It is good and id like to, I just don't know if it would be weird to ask her out, out of the blue after having not seen her in a couple months. I'm not sure if I should go straight in or maybe text her befoe just to try and flirt and make her smile to, lets say.. test the waters haha. thank you again though it is really good advice!

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