How to get of taking someone to the Prom?

Okay so last year this guy brought me to his prom and he claimed that I ruined his night. he's very shy and passive and if something bothers him he won't say anything, he won't stick up hiself. I'm the complete opposite ! So this year Everyone told me its only right that I bring him to mine but the thing is everyone thinks I like him and I can't stand him, he liked me for a long time and every time he brings it up I tell him I don't feel the same but he still says " I think we should give each other a try " I don't want him, besides I have a boyfriend and he's not to happy that I'm taking him to prom. I haven't told him yet about my boyfriend because I want the best excuse possible to tell him I don't want to go with him but not being mean. With all my heart I do not want to go with him, but another reason is his moms hair salon is right by my house and I see her everyday she know that he son is like in love with me and I don't feel the same, They're so many problems with prom. I have to give the money to pay for his ticket before March 7th and that's will it. He will be going with me, i need excuses, i do not want to take him !


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  • Tell him you have a boyfriend, and you're going with him. Why are you making it more difficult than it is?

    • My boyfriend doesn't go to my school and a lot of peoples feelings would get hurt if I dump the guy I don't want to go with.

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    • hmm...I can see everyone's view on this then, but it's still your decision, I suppose.

    • Yeah I know I want to brake it to him that I don't want to go with him but not hurt everyone involved feelings and not hurt his, Plus he told me that him and his mom don't like my dress. I think by this point I'm just going to avoid him until the dance.

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  • Then don't.

    Ask someone else, even if it's out of desperation.

    Go alone.

    Go with a girlfriend.

  • If this guy is so much in love with you why does he claim you runied his prom, seems kind of douchy to me. Anyway, if you do not like him and already have a boyfriend just tell him and if he is not man enough to get over and see their are plenty of other fish in the sea then that is on him. Though based on you trying to tell him before and him being disillused about the whole thing I would get the restaining order ready.


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