Guys what if she won't kiss you?

What if you were interested in a girl and she was interested in you and she said she would not kiss u...what if she even said she was waiting for her first kiss for her wedding day so she can say your the only man I have ever kissed and I waited for you...would this be a major turn off!? what's your thoughts?


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  • What a bunch of romantic crap! Somebody pop the bubble this girls living in!

    What if she never marries? Gonna die a dried up shriveled woman who has never experienced anything because she's saving the experience! What if she marries and finds out you're a sh*te kisser! There are so many thing wrong with her perceptions. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's a Pieces. Live in bubbles those girls.

    What to do about it? Just do everything to her but kiss her. She never said anything about saving her snatch!


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  • I can understand this if you're an extreme romantic, but even then that is asking a lot. But if I really like the girl then that's fine. However, if I wanted sex in exchange for her extreme romance then she'll have to please me sexually in different ways without kissing. Normally,. sex is the element that couples want to wait on until they are married, but I guess everyone is different. Interesting and odd question! :)

  • I'd assume she either had 0 libido or wasn't interested in me. In either case, I'd move on and forget about her.


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