So did I ruin my shot with this girl?

Okay, so I met this girl at the gym back when I had a girlfriend, I just casually talked to her striking up conversation but I think she thought I was hitting on her (I naturally am flirty) since when I checked the time on my phone she assumed I was looking for her number. We texted a bit and she asked if I had a girlfriend and I said yes, being completely honest and didn’t lead her on or anything. After that a couple months go by and we didn’t text or see each other at the gym anymore (which I thought was weird since she went at the same time I did pretty much each day on a consistent basis).

Well turns out she works at a coffee stand and I go there on my way to work a lot. Anyhow, she asked if I still had a girlfriend and sure enough I did so as a month or two goes by I go to the coffee stand there regularly and her and I always have good conversation mainly about thoughts, ideas, interests, life ambitions and so forth. When things got rocky with my girlfriend she would ask about how we were doing and when I told her the situation it seemed to me that she was giving me advice saying I wasn’t happy and eventually my girlfriend and I broke up.

After this happens she keeps me there when I go and often if another car comes she’ll want me to pull around to continue to talk to her. She also stopped charging me for my coffee. She’ll also tell me when she’s working voluntarily as if to try and get me to come see her. She also tells me to text her every time I leave. She also always says “awww” or some other form of disappointed noise when I leave.

Here’s the thing though, while we’re face to face we always talk well and have great convo with little to run out of talking about. Texting on the other hand is her idea and I always text first yet she’s slow to respond and admittingly I am too, since I’m busy frequently.

Anyhow, the other day she’s hinting at being bored lately and needing some excitement and asks what I’m doing later that night and if there’s anything going on. I tell her “not yet but I’ll see what’s going on”. Then I’m like duh she totally wanted to hang and I text her if she has plans yet, she says that she doesn’t. So I ask her if she wants to go to a party my friends having or if she’d like to go to dinner and a movie. She didn’t text back.

So I’m wondering if I totally overead this situation and I’ve been put in the friend’s zone or if she’s playing hard to get. She seems like a kinda shy girl and I’m very outgoing and as she’s called me witty and charming. She seems like a relationship oriented girl and she’s very smart, we often talk about philosophy and other such things. I wonder if her seeing me end a relationship has killed any shot between us and maybe she just put me in the friend’s zone the whole time?


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  • I don't think she friend zoned you at all! :)


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