Guys who have been hurt in a relationship?

There is this guy who I met thought a friend however he live in Cali I live in ny, we have never actually met but my friend knows him and I have seen one picture of him. However every time I want to see another he always gets worried and nervous. He has told me that in his past his last girlfriend hurt him very bad and now I think he's afraid that I will hurt him too :( I love him and he always tells me that he loves me but I feel thy he can never really open up all they way because of his past. So guys what can I do besides reassure him and be there for him? How can I get him to Skype me or send me a picture? I wouldn't ever want to. Make him uncomfortable and I want him to want to show me but every time he says that he is afraid of losing me:( what can I do?


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  • Unfortunately, there's not much YOU can do. He's the one who got hurt, he's the one who needs to heal. No one else can do it for him. However, I have a couple of ideas, but it really depends on how his last girlfriend hurt him. Did she hurt him just by breaking up with him or did she cheat on him, abuse him, etc.?

    • Im pretty sure she just dumped him and it really hurt him because he thought she loved him, I don't think she abused or cheated on him. But he hasent really talked much about it because it was really painful for him so I don't think he really want to talk about or remember it, he just told me a little however he said this made him feel like he wasent to ever love again andhe said that I helped him to see that he can love again, so that's why he is afraid to lose me and experience that again

    • Any ideas or help would be really great! Thanks!

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